Check Your Health Insurance Benefits Before Year's End

happy retirementSeeing patients avail themselves of our high-quality dental care so they can enjoy optimal oral health is paramount to us. That’s why we are delighted to accept all major health funds. With the busyness of holiday preparations on the horizon, don’t forget that many fund benefits will not roll over to the next calendar year, so you want to ensure you get the most out of your health fund this year. Make sure you take advantage of your entitlements in 2018!

Some Entitlements Your Fund May Provide

  • Free Preventative checkups
  • Free Preventative Scale and cleans
  • Intraoral images and X-rays
  • Sports Mouthguards

To determine your level of cover and entitlements, it’s crucial that you always check with your health fund. There also could be annual limits to consider for dental.

Changes Regarding HBF to Be Aware of

Please note that important changes have been announced for HBF in 2019. We suggest that you ask your insurance provider how this affects your entitlements and take advantage of any benefits before December 31.

Fit in an End-of-Year Checkup

The various treats that will be plentiful during the holiday season can take a toll on your teeth. While practicing scrupulous oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing your teeth is imperative, we also encourage you to book an appointment for a check and clean. By doing so, you can keep your teeth healthy for the coming New Year and get in a free checkup that you may be entitled to.

As the busiest time of the year is almost here, we encourage you to make an appointment at Ranford Road Dental Centre straightaway!

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