HCF More for Teeth

HCFRanford Road Dental Centre is proud to be a HCF preferred provider and part of HCF’s More for Teeth Program! As a HCF member you are entitled to benefits every year:

  • 011,012 or 013  Oral Examinations (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • 022 Intra oral Periapical or Bitewing Radiographs (No annual limit)
  • 037 Panoramic Radiograph (Limit of 3 in any 5 year period)
  • 114 Removal of Calculus (Scale and Clean) (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • 151 Provision of Mouthguard – indirect (Limit of 2 per person per year)

Depending on your level of cover,  you get one or two fully covered check-ups per calendar year. You can also be covered for two mouthguards (limits apply).

What is are covered by my HCF policy?

Additionally, you are able to take advantage of other dental services provided by HCF’s insurance policies. Please read the full details of HCF More for Teeth program.

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