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Medibank Private Preferred Provider

Ranford Road Dental Centre is a Medibank Private Members Choice Extra cover provider. We are a part of the Members’ Choice network. Our dentists are Medibank approved dentists that have entered into agreements to meet Medibank schedule dental fee Before you make an appointment with us please have all the information about your Medibank dental coverage. If you need more information about your insurance and cover you can visit

Here are some of the benefits from Medibank’s Dental Health Cover:

  • 100% back on your annual check-up and clean appointment  (this relates to one per calendar year and excludes x-rays / waiting periods apply)
  • Major dental procedures; for example root canal, crowns and dentures, benefit rebates will vary depending on your level of cover and 12 month waiting period applies
  • Medibank recommended dental fees
  • 55% to 100% back in benefits depending on your selected cover

Please be sure to get in touch with Medibank to know what you are eligible for.


Our team of caring and gentle dental professionals looks forward to helping you achieve excellent oral health. Contact us to schedule an appointment.