Dentist WA Canning Vale

Preferred Providers for BUPA, HBF, HCF & NIB

Dentist WA is sister surgery to Ranford Road Dental Centre, conveniently located 1.3km along Ranford Road on the corner of Queensgate drive at the new three story Queensgate Centre.

What is the difference between Ranford Road Dental and Dentist WA Canning Vale?

Due to limitations in the amount of preferred providers allowed in a geographical area, Dentist WA Canning Vale is not a Medibank Private preferred practice and Medibank patients attending here would experience a much higher out-of-pocket expense.

Due to the same reasons, from the 24th August 2015 Dentist WA Canning Vale will become our BUPA Members’ Choice clinic – BUPA members’ will receive maximum rebate at Dentist WA only.

HBF, HCF, nib and all other health insurances will be unaffected and patients can travel between both sites at their leisure.

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