Dr Ismail Siddiqui

Dr Dylan Del Frate

Dr. Ismail is a dedicated dentist with a keen interest in restorative and prosthodontic dentistry. Currently, he is actively pursuing further education through various courses to develop his skills and expertise in these areas. Alongside this, Dr. Ismail finds fulfillment in all aspects of dentistry, embracing the opportunity to continually learn and grow in his profession. Through ongoing education and a commitment to excellence, he strives to deliver optimal outcomes and restore smiles with precision and artistry.


Outside of his dental practice, Dr. Ismail leads an active lifestyle, engaging in a variety of indoor sports such as badminton, squash, and table tennis. He believes that staying physically active not only benefits his personal well-being but also enhances his ability to provide quality care to his patients. In his leisure time, Dr. Ismail enjoys hobbies such as baking, photography, and cooking, finding inspiration and relaxation in these creative pursuits.

Additional Languages Spoken: Urdu
Available: Mondays & Thursdays

Dr Ismail Siddiqui | (08) 9455 7388